Working Class Hero – The Definitive Lennon CD


Initial UK Release Date 3 October 2005
Initial UK Catalogue Number Parlophone 0946 3 40080 2 0
Weeks On UK Chart (to date) 12
Peak UK Chart Position 11


Released on 3 October 2005 to celebrate what would have been John’s 65th birthday, this 2 CD collection gathers together remixed and remastered versions of all of his single releases, except for Every Man Has A Woman Who Loves Him, and tracks from all of his studio albums. This is the fourth collection of John’s solo greatest hits and all the tracks from Lennon Legend, all but one from The John Lennon Collection and all the tracks from Shaved Fish are represented here though not the same versions.

The release in the UK was a European affair on Parlophone records with catalogue number 0946 3 40080 2 0 whilst the US CD release was on Capitol with catalogue number CDP 0946 3 40391 2 3. It came with a booklet containing pictures and a few details about each track. It spent twelve weeks in the UK charts, peaking at number 11,whilst in the US it only managed number 135 during a three week stay.

There was a further “Deluxe Pack” release three weeks after this one on 23 October 2008 which added the Lennon Legend DVD to the 2 CDs. This was also on Parlophone with catalogue number 50999 242915 2 1 .

I have two copies shown below

UK/European Release

The pictures below are of my European copy. The case has the usual storage marks and a sticker removal mark on the back though it does still have the silver sticker on the front. The CDs and 20 page booklet are in excellent condition.

Estimated Value : £5

UK/European Release

The pictures below are of another European copy I own. This was the first copy I bought and got it very cheap as it came with only the booklet and 2 CDs, no case or backing page. The replacement case (usual light storage marks), CDs and 20 page booklet are in excellent condition.

Estimated Value : £3



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